Purchasing הϵѻMCEdit

When purchasing הϵѻMCEdit you will receive statically linked binary, source code and support plus 7 customization requests per year.

The customization request is:

  • asking for a not-heavy change, e.g.: change of a default key binding or a color of a window, etc.,

  • asking for a small feature request like e.g.: ability to run the Periodic Command on demand with a shortcut, or for adding a Help button to some dialogs, or for a new function for the scripting engine,

  • also asking for a serious feature, if I’ll like the idea – which might happen more “easily” if I’ll be under pressure of a supporter ;) Besides, I have a catalogue of ~50 ideas for new features and a request from a supporter might just work like prioritizing of them,

  • there is a limit for number of such requests – 1 per 2 months plus one “floating” (i.e.: to be used at any moment) per year, giving a total of 7 requests.

In general, supporter gets support, being both help in resolving issues and also hearing for change requests.