news · docs – הϵѻteric³ Features

QuickOverview³ Window

הϵѻMCEdit has support for a special feature (being a level 3 feature → not found in other editors) – showing of a small window with names of the current and of the 4 surrounding functions, which lets you quickly gain orientation in the code. Read More ›

news · docs – הϵѻteric³ Features

Periodic Command³ feature

הϵѻMCEdit has support for a useful feature – setting up and running of a provided shell command, periodically in background. Read More ›

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Complete List Of Features

הϵѻMCEdit has currently 23 new features added to the upstream MCEdit. Here is a complete list of them. Read More ›

news · docs – הϵѻteric² Features

Other CTags Features²

הϵѻMCEdit can jump to previous/next CTags symbol and also to a symbol under the cursor, etc. Read More ›

news · docs – הϵѻteric² Features

Slang Scripting Engine²

MCEdit now supports scripting in S-Lang language. It is a very light solution, yet very functional. Read More ›