Background & Motivation


I've always liked Midnight Commander's internal editor – mcedit. After getting enough of vim half year ago, I've thought – 'Why not improve mcedit so that it can compete vim?'. I've started with adding Python scripting. However, it was pretty big and as MC hackers told me, Midnight Commander is often used on embedded devices with low memory.

…so I’ve started from the beginning trying to improve other things. I’ve loved the code, especially how it does inheritance in C and GLib data structures. After doing some features, like MultiSearch I’ve then thought about scripting engine again – this time by utilizing the already used library/language: S-Lang. After only few hours I’ve had a listbox window displayed from a script. It was very easy and as I’ve researched, the language is a decent one.

I have been submitting all my patches to upstream project. However, all my feature-patches have been rejected, only few bugfixes have been accepted. It was a big disappointment. I’ve then had to choose, to either abandon the project or start my own fork, and since I’ve loved the code, I’ve went for the fork.

After two or three weeks I’ve had 120 stars on GitHub. That was great news, however, I’m not sure why and how it happened, because on the following months I’ve only had ~15 stars more.

That felt quite terrible, and after 7 months of coding, an idea appeared: why not sell the fork counting on users to not redistribute the source code further (well, at least not too much;)? I’ve could be doing what I like and have financial support from users, meaning that I’ve could work on the fork full time and that the features that I’ve added would not be lost forgotten.

So, this website is my attempt at fulfilling the idea. Currently I’ve added 22 new features and have another 30…50 planned :) You can read about them from the “הϵѻteric features” menu or from the blog archive. Not all features are described yet, but they should be within 2 weeks. If you’re interested in purchasing הϵѻMCEdit you can refer to the benefits and purchase pages.

The site is based on “Feeling Responsive” Jekyll theme and there still might be some pages from it. I should have finished adapting the theme within 2 weeks.