Explanation of the ² and ³ indices

The Levels Of הϵѻ-Features

הϵѻMCEdit uses the word `הϵѻteric` to describe its new features, which is sometimes followed by upper indices: ² or ³. What is their meaning?

Here are the feature-describing attributes explained:

1. "הϵѻteric" – a regular, normal new feature (first level),

2. "הϵѻteric²" – an advanced, not trivial feature existing also in other editors (level 2),

3. "הϵѻteric³" – a prominent, possibly unfound anywhere else feature (level 3).

Basically, the levels measure how innovative (not necessarily sophisticated) a feature is. I'm having many ideas (eg. a collection of ~50 tasks in dstask nice TODO utility), so I've thought that I could label/organize them with the indices, so that users might have a possibility to initially easily know just "how much" could they expect from a highlighted feature, and I would be able to better prioritize them (when programming).