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Complete List Of Features

הϵѻMCEdit has currently 23 new features added to the upstream MCEdit. Here is a complete list of them.

  1. Periodic command (alt-shift-i).
  2. Ack/Ag/Rg interface (alt-minus, alt-underscore, alt-equal).
  3. Ctags completion (shift-tab) and all tags listing (ctrl-alt-t).
  4. Display file IDs and ctrl-x 1…0 quick window switching via them.
  5. Last selection restore with history (alt-shift-9, alt-plus).
  6. Peek at prototype (ctrl-s, alt-? to jump to definition).
  7. Slang scripting engine (plugins in ~/.config/mc/plugin, init script at …/mc/
  8. Open file globbing (eg. enter “*.c” to open multiple C files).
  9. QuickOverview small popup window on any jumps (eg. on page-up).
  10. Rich ExternalCommand window (alt-shift-x).
  11. Quick jumps to tags (alt-| and alt-\).
  12. Terminal window (called instruction station; ctrl-insert).
  13. “Other file” switching between headers and sources (alt-a, for “alternate”).
  14. Message line – a window with statuses from various operations.
  15. Fix WindowNext and …Prev to keep the order of windows unchanged.
  16. Automatic grouping of headers and sources in the window list – headers precede their sources.
  17. Window cascading (alt-ctrl-c) and tiling (alt-ctrl-t).
  18. Centering of view (alt-c).
  19. Quick searching for the word under the cursor (alt-ctrl-6 – forward, alt-shift-6 - up)
  20. Four S-Lang plugins: commentify (alt-i), case-modifying (toupper on ctrl-alt-u, capitalise / alt-shift-c, tolower / alt-shift-l), mark-line-up/down improving, incrementing and decrementing integer (ctrl-alt-a, ctrl-alt-x).

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