הϵѻteric Features

הϵѻteric³ features merged in March

New features added to הϵѻMCEdit in March – scripting support², CTags quick jumps², QuickPreview window³, periodic command³ support, MultiSearch³ grepping of any listbox.

הϵѻMCEdit speeds up gaining multitude of new features. Here is a brief look at some of them:

1. Scripting support

A very light but functional scripting interpreter in הϵѻMCEdit – S-Lang programming language:

The current API (exported S-Lang functions) is available at: https://neomcedit.software/assets/slang_api.pdf.

2. Quick jumps to tags generated by ctags

Alt-\ and Alt-Shift-\ to go to next/prev tag (eg. a function), and Alt-* to directly jump to file and line of declaration tag of word under pointer:

3. QuickPreview popup window

After a ctags command or a jump (like page up), a small window with an overview of surrounding tags (eg. functions) is displayed:

4. Automatic regeneration and reload of CTags symbols

The TAGS file can be set up to date by PeriodicCommand function and automatic tags reloading:

5. MultiSearch grepping of any listbox

An additional input is added under every listbox which can be used to filter its list. It works with ALL listboxes, eg.:

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