הϵѻteric Features

April's הϵѻteric³ features

New features added to הϵѻMCEdit in April – CTags completion³, peek at prototype² and status message line.

A set of new features have been recently merged to הϵѻMCEdit. Here’s a incomplete list of them:

1. Completion from Ctags

It’s possible to complete not from entered words, but from Ctags file – e.g.: for a project that covers /usr/include/glib, you could complete all GLib functions and types, like so:

Regular completion is bound to Alt-/ by default, while the TAGS completion is Shift-Tab.

2. Peek at prototype

If pointer will be placed at a function name and Ctrl-Alt-p will be pressed, then a small window will pop-up with its signature:

More, if Alt-? will be pressed, then a jump to last shown function’s implementation will be done.

3. Status message

A feature that has been missing in MCEdit (and MC filemanager) – a status message window:

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